Export sheep and lambs

Exportación de Oveja y Cordero

Our main export products are:


Export high quality live sheep. (Between 65-80 kilos)


Export high quality live lambs. (Between 15 and 35 kilos)


Export high quality carcass. (Undivided, refrigerated and frozen whole fresh sheep)


We export mutton to worldwide. We have a large number of exported frozen meats and live animals to the Arab region, Greece, Italy and other countries.


The types of sheep that we export most are: Assaf, Lacaune, Awassy and Merina.



Awassy Sheep Assaf Lamb



1º Selection

We only trade and select high quality animals, which provides assurance for the high satisfaction of our products.



1º Selección

2º Transport

Once selected, we will personally deliver the goods to major ports in Spain and France, and the transportation process will always be conducted under strict quality control.


2º Transporte

3º Shipment

Finally, we are responsible for delivering our products so that they reach their destination under the best conditions.


3º Embarque



Traslado a puerto destino

Transfer to destination port

If our customers come up with similar requirements, we can offer our customers the option of cooperating transport ships so that they can be smoothly transported to their destination.


Documentation and identification for exportation

All exported products will have the certificates and documents required by the authorities of the country of destination.

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